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  1. U10 Finals Change of Venue
  2. U12 Finals 19th May – Change of Venue

SOHBC League Rules

SOHYBL – Rules/Logistics 2018/2019

  • Age groups: U10s, U12 development, U12 premier, U14 development, U14 premier, U14 girls, U16/U18 development, U16/U18 premier;
  • 4*6/8/10 min quarters running clock depending on the age group (stop clock on free throws). 1 min break between quarters, 2-3 min half time break and 1×1 min time out per team per game;
  • Recommended squad size of 10-12 players who should be given equal court time where possible – discretion is with coaches;
  • National League registered players can play in the premier leagues but not in the development leagues unless circumstances are agreed in advance of tournament days;
  • U10s(<yr5 ) and U12s(<yr7) will observe the following Mini-Basketball England rules ( size 5 basketball, no zone defence, 3 second and 5 second rules, player fouled out after 5 personal fouls, normal free throw rules except shoot one shot for 2 points (U10s can take one step forward from the foul line). In addition, these age groups will use a 10ft hoop, the 8s and 24s rules will be enforced and full court D permitted unless a team is winning by more than 15 points. Screening on and off the ball is permitted.
  • U14s(<yr9) and U16s/U18s(<yr13) will follow EBL/FIBA rules (and played with a size 6/7 basketball respectively).
  • 1 league point awarded for a loss and 3 points for a win. Forfeited game will be recorded 20-0 with no point awarded for the loss.
  • Teams will have 4 tournament days in the season with 2-3 games per day. Games will be held on Saturday afternoons from 12pm to 5pm at Didcot Girls School OX11 7AJ;
  • Medals will be presented for the 1st/2nd place teams with additional awards per age group for the league MVP, MIP, Top Scorer, MV Defensive Player;
  • Entry fee for the league will be £40 per team per tournament day (increasing to £50 next season);
  • In the interests of monitoring player improvement alongside the Basketball England areas of emphasis, statistics will be recorded and made available for all games prior to finals days;
  • Officials for each CVL game will include: 2 qualified referees, 1 table official.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled game and present a completed team sheet to the table officials.
  • Participating teams agree that SOHBC may record/photograph games and may use video/photographs on website/social media etc. Camera registration forms will be available on game days for anyone who wishes to take video/photographs in accordance with the Basketball England guidelines and the SOHBC code of conduct.
  • Participating teams confirm that all players are registered with Basketball England and agree to produce licence cards/registration numbers if requested.